From Cup to Canvas

                        Coffee Angel

Most of us have heard of latte art- but have you seen paintings made with coffee?! The possibilities of coffee are endless! Husband and wife, Andrew and Angel, use coffee as a watercolor and create different shades by altering the strength of the brew. Their work as been shown and written about all around the world. ”People around the world drink coffee. When they dip their brushes into a cup of coffee and paint onto the canvas, their art transcends languages, continents and cultures.” 

All you really need is:

  • Watercolor Paper
  • Coffee Beans
  • Brewed Coffee (various strengths)
  • Brushes
There’s so many ways to experiment- you can even use the grounds in the filter that you just brewed the coffee with as a sponge to blot on the paper as a background. Click here for an entire blog about fine art with coffee. Another fun idea: painting with coffee & salt.
We’re going to give this a try- post your own masterpieces on our site and we’ll share ours soon.
Happy Painting!
♥ K

Hello World!

Kathryn Wahl, a free spirit from the east coast, lives in Los Angeles and spends most of her time putting herself in other people’s shoes in film and TV. Amanda Kretzmann is a California native, bookworm, and lover of arts & crafts.
The two met in 2011 while working at Smashbox Studios and formed a special bond that leaves many asking if they’re not just best friends, but sisters. (Which suits them just fine since they both have brothers.) Kathryn and Amanda share a blog, Your Favorite Blend, featuring daily musings and an interview series with creatives as they sip coffee and soak in the art of living life.