Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


My idea of a perfect gift to give (or be given) is a blend of homemade with purchased items; a few meaningful things instead of one big box from the department store. And so- for this Mother’s Day- if you’re pressed for time, or simply not into DIY- support the handmade and unique goodies available at Etsy. 

If you’re in Los Angeles, Handmade Galleries  has eclectic treasures. One of my favorite necklaces is from this store- which has been around for 18 years! 

Ears don’t just want earrings, they want music! Make a motherhood themed mix cd: NPR compiled around 50 songs for this specific holiday.  

Feeling crafty? Try making Coffee Filter Flowers. Click here for a tutorial.


Last but not least: write your own card. Even if it’s just a few words or a heartfelt poem. At a loss for words? Quote a poem from The Poetry Foundation

Whatever you do, make it your own, make it personal.

Your mamabear’s heart will smile.  

♥ K


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