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Embrace the Unknown

In addition to yesterday’s visual post, here are some words from The Daily Love to enforce the importance of the unknown: 


We’re not taught the physics of creativity so we listen to the pseudo-self (our Ego) — which tells us that the unknown is a scary and unsafe place to be. Simply because it’s unfamiliar. So it will do everything it can to prevent us from going there. Even though going there is where we need to go.

But a deeper part of us craves the unknown; desires it. The adventurer – the seeker in you – knows that all expansion in life, all discoveries, all creative victories have only occurred by stepping into that which is unfamiliar.

Look at your own life. Anything that you’ve accomplished that has been meaningful or significant or fulfilling has required that you first step into that which is foreign.

You had to take the leap.

But because our minds tell us things like, “You’re going to get hurt.” “Don’t be stupid.”“You can never do that.” “You’re crazy!” “Who are you to try that?”– and on and on – it feels almost counter-intuitive to step into the void.

But the unknown is really just a scary word for something that is actually the material we need in order to create. It’s the creative matrix. It’s infinite potential. It’s the molding clay. It’s the blank canvas. It’s the substance needed for your creative genius to take root and grow. The unknown plugs us into Uni-versal consciousness – a stream of information and ideas we cannot access without first taking the step into that which isn’t familiar. It requires letting go of the intellect, which will continue to come up with rational-sounding reasons why we can’t go there.

Stop running away from it. Turn back and step into it. Fully. Totally. Committedly. You’ll see that it supports your step. It’s been beckoning you to take the leap into it all along.

And watch what happens in your life.

The novelist, Andre’ Gide, said it best:

“In order to discover new lands you must be willing to lose sight of the shore.”

Cast off, people. “