20-dozen: a way of life

We may not have degrees in philosophy, but we’ve experienced enough of life to recognize a true soul friend; a kindred spirit, a partner in crime. Together we learned through painful times to recognize and appreciate the joyful ones, resulting in our own personal philosophy. This year, 2012, we put our philosophy into action, the philosophy better known as–20dozen. Without further ado…

The 3 Principles of 20dozen:

1. Be yourself. Yes, you’ve heard this before and might think, “I don’t even know who I am!” but no one can bring to the table what you have been through and what makes you tick and talk. Be affected, be expressive; this is being yourself.

2. Live in this very moment. Everything you do now will influence and affect your future- in a good way. We spend too much time over-analyzing relationships, jobs, and regrets when all these little dots invisibly connect and lead us to where we are right now. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “We are always getting ready to live, but never living”. Don’t worry about the outcome, take the risk–20dozen it!

3. It’s the little things. Every interaction carries the potential for a connection or acquiring knowledge. We enjoy the 3 H’s: handwritten notes, high-fives, and hugs. If you want a visual example of these principles, check out Woody Allen’sMidnight in Paris and Elgin James’ Little Birds. Two very different films with the same 20dozen mentality.

Try to leave a little 20dozen dust wherever you go and fill us in on your journey!

Your soul friends,

K and A

(source: hellogiggles)


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