1. Sad-urday: Have A Good Cry Today: As a sentimental, sporadically sensitive dude, I know a thing or two about what jerks the heartstrings. If you’ve had a rough week or are in a bit of a rut, sometimes the best medicine is to let the tears flow. It’ll be a few moments of emotion, and then you’ll be all cried out.  It’s a significant relief, embrace it. Here’s a song that’s unavoidably emotional, and sure to kick start the waterworks. 2. Fatter-day: Eat anything and everything you crave, regardless of calories, carbs, grease or nutritional value. I suggest ordering things a la mode, as a scoop of ice cream on anything is appetizing. The objective on this day is to consume disgusting amounts of unhealthiness until your belly is bloated and arteries are on the brink of clogged. Performers of Fatter-day must do nothing other than eat, watch television, sleep or any activity that can be executed from a seated position. The amount of laziness here should negate any type of workout you had done over the past week. 3. Childhood Flashback-urday: Remember those glorious Saturday mornings from your childhood? Rising early, grabbing an oversized bowl of sugary cereal, plopping down on the couch and indulging in classic cartoons was a tradition for many of us. It was a simpler time in life that consisted of coloring books, toys and zero responsibility. Relive that experience as an adult by performing all of those adolescent activities for an entire 24 hours. In addition you can be lazy, irresponsible and messy like your less accountable, young self. Here’s a little something to startup your cartoon madness session.  Read more at http://thoughtcatalog.com/2012/10-different-types-of-saturdays-to-have/#VohMD7s7HPxyPyoW.99 Happy Saturday! ♥ A

10 Different Types Of Saturdays To Have | Thought Catalog


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