The Coffee Table with Sunnie Brook Jones

Welcome to this week’s Coffee Table Q&A with Silverlake, CA based hair and makeup artist Sunnie Brook Jones! Take a seat, grab a drink, and get cozy.

Currently Brewing 

I’m launching an online beauty shop of thoughtfully curated beauty kits and products inspired by the looks featured on my beauty blog and youtube channel.

Favorite Drink

A dry non-fat cappuccino (my friends and I call it an Al-paccino). I also love espresso poured over ice cream…two of my favorite things in my tummy, oh and chocolate.

It’s the Little Things

  • People
  • the ocean
  • Heart to hearts
  • Music

    My Coffee Table

    The book Food, fashion, friends by Fleur Wood is full of pretty eye candy and creative ideas. My cup is handmade from an artist I met while in Israel last year. The rainbow of color against the grainy rocky texture is so pleasurable for me and the shape feels like I’m being kissed! I like to have my cup and bits near to me while I’m sitting. The table: This table made me smile because of the word cut outs (kinda reminded me of Rob Ryan’s art) and my favorite color is fuschia. It’s also very practical and easy to move, which is convenient since I like to do spontaneous furniture re-arranging! Plus it can go next to my bed for those early mornings when I need my coffee before opening my eyes.

    Words of Wisdom

    Never stop hoping and dreaming. Be open handed with everything you have from your heart to your home. Always love and forgive. Embrace each day one at a time and give your best.

    Follow Sunnie, visit her blog and youtube channel, like her page.

    Thanks for joining us this week!

    (posted with love by Amanda)


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