The Coffee Table with Tom Sykes

Joining us this week at The Coffee Table is social media man for Liquorice, Tom Sykes  from Cape Town, South Africa.

Currently Brewing

After taking a bit of a hiatus on the blog front, I have re-entered the wild world of animated GIFs and have just fired up TOMOHAWK.

Otherwise, I spend the majority of my hours curating a bunch of really cool Social Media accounts for Liquorice. Some of my favorites include: Lipton Ice Tea, Pepsi SA, Richelieu Brandy and Gordon’s Gin.

Favorite Drink

I really can’t find anything better than the classic cappuccino. When ordering it at a restaurant or coffee shop I make sure to always pronounce it, ‘capp-uh-chi-nio.’ It always gets a good reaction and I always get a cup filled to the top. Also, there had better be Bean There Burundian in that cup son! I’m not super particular about my beans, but those folks at Bean There have found a magical bean in Burundi. Delish.

It’s the Little Things

  • Kevin Spacey films
  • Everything Neil Armstrong did during his life
  • Winning indoor Cricket matches

My Coffee Table

The coffee table is from a second hand store in Stellenbosch, SA. It’s an absolutely solid piece of timber that’s been with me through three different apartments. If it could talk it would tell of a hundred different meals and two dozen friends that have sat around it and allowed me to call this house a home. 

I’m quite a simple man. Everything in my apartment is either useful, beautiful, or in a cupboard. On my coffee table I keep a copy of the Carhartt Brand Book, which was when I started investigating the history and depth of iconic brands before they needed gimmicks to stand out. Also, a copy of my first ever Wallpaper* Magazine (Nov 2010), which was when I started looking at design seriously. My SUPER sunnies are either on the end of my nose or on my coffee table. I use the same box my SUPER sunglasses came in to store odds and ends, but it’s mostly filled with coins now.

Words of Wisdom

“Knowing what you’ve got, knowing what you need, knowing what you can do without-That’s inventory control.”-Leonardo in Revolutionary Road

Follow Tom and visit his blog.

Thanks for joining us this week!

(Posted with love by Amanda)


One thought on “The Coffee Table with Tom Sykes

  1. Amanda and Tom . . this is brilliant. And makes me think of all the great memories in South Africa! Amanda I love this site you and your friend created! And Tom, i love that you call your sunglasses, super sunnies! You are awesome!

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