Creative Christmas trees

Deck the halls with boughs of holly tra la la la la!

The halls or walls of your home may be sprinkled with holiday decor and paper snowflakes, but nothing says “it’s the most wonderful time of the year” than the Christmas tree.

I love how each tree tells a different story and reflects the unique personality of each home. While the traditional pine or fir tree may not be an option for you–due to lack of space, allergies, or personal taste–there are plenty of unconventional ways to bring a tree home and it doesn’t have to be in Charlie Brown fashion.

Here are few of my favorites that inspired me…

The book tree; don’t judge this tree by it’s cover.

The wall tree gives even the smallest home plenty of room to spread its’ branches.

Happy tree decorating season!

♥ Amanda

(image sources: 1. twigandthistle 2. omnivoracious 3. p-laces 4. aleggup)


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