The Coffee Table with Samantha Meis

Today’s guest on The Coffee Table comes from Phoenix, Arizona: a coffee gal who not only had hopes for starting her own business, but worked hard and followed through to see her dream to reality. With a degree in entrepreneurship and MIS (management information systems), you can trust you’ll find your favorite blend of coffee in her company’s artisan coffee subscription boxes, aka Mistobox! It’s time to spill the coffee beans and introduce:


Samantha Meis

Currently Brewing

I’m working on a big project for my company MistoBox. We’re creating an intuitive, beautiful coffee guide that will help people fully understand and appreciate the coffee they drink. Learning about coffee should be fun, not pretentious and overwhelming. I get super excited when I get to share my coffee love.

Favorite Drink

Ok, it’s seriously impossible for me to pick a favorite coffee. I try more than 50 coffees every month. As soon as I decide on a favorite, I always find a new favorite. A recent favorite was Lone Pine’s Ethiopian Teklu Dembel. It has a lovely story. Lone Pine is nestled discretely down a sleepy alley in Bend, Oregon. Totally unassuming, yet they roast some of the best coffee I’ve ever tasted.

It’s the Little Things

  • sunshine
  • anything French – fashion, food, music, architecture, art
  • wood burning fireplaces

My Coffee Table

coffee table

The hand-me-down bench that flanks my bed serves both as seating and my coffee table. When your apartment doubles as your office, you have to get a little creative.

coffee table close up

I always have the candles going. There’s couple of stacked books for inspiration: a big book full of thousands of Magnum photographs and a little book with my two favorite cities, New York and Paris. I always keep my passport around to remind me where I’ve been and where I have yet to go. There’s always a MistoBox mug. Why? Because I have like 40. Last but not least, my one true love, my Kindle Fire.

Words of Wisdom

Cliché of clichés, I live my life by the Latin words carpe diem, meaning seize the day. Every day brings a new opportunity to do extraordinary things, to meet interesting people, to travel to undiscovered places, to eat incredible food, to learn something unknown, to start a new company… The possibilities are endless when you live your life to the fullest, seizing every day. (Fun fact: I have this little phrase tattooed on my body… what was I thinking?)

like, tweet, watch, read, shop

(posted with love by Kathryn)


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