The Coffee Table with Zoe Dye

Today’s guest reveals her coffee table all the way from Northern England. Her photo may be a little mysterious, but in theme with her blog, so is a gypsy. Gypsie Sister is a visual heavy site of bohemian musings where you can gather inspiration for home, beauty, style, and more. Give a warm welcome to flower child:


Currently Brewing

This year I have got right back to my roots.  Being in bands and then having a baby filled in the last few years and left little time for really making and creating. I have a few little things tucked up my sleeve which working on and hope to launch soon. In-between the creating and planning for ventures, I blog over at Gypsie Sister…it’s a muse for the flower child and promotes all things beautiful & bohemian.

Favorite Drink

My mum makes the best espresso ever. Growing up we had a lot of trips to Italy and got to sample many coffees along the way; she learned from the best.  When I visit her I can’t resist one, they are like gun powder meets treacle, they really do the trick. Most days at home I drink a good earl grey brew or yogi tea.

It’s the Little Things

  • long baths filled with gorgeous smelling oils and potions. I think they are one of life simple luxuries.
  • weekends…they are just the best thing ever.
  • yoga. Whether it’s a class or a quick 5 minutes, it always gets me grounded and ready for anything.

My Coffee Table

Our coffee table is our main dining table, its a beautiful wooden inlay table that was gift from my step dad.  Our home is pretty open plan so its the hub of our house we chat, drink, read, eat & work there.  The table is always adorned with one thing or another, I always like to have flowers or a plant on it but I wont lie, some days its a pile of laundry ready to be put away!  I think that’s the beauty of having the coffee table the heart of the home, it changes daily to fit the needs for that time.

Words of Wisdom

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” —  Gandhi

To me this quote says everything!  Its no good hoping somewhere someone will chance things to fit your bill, the only person who can do that is you.  So get your boots on and get stuck in.

visit Zoe’s blog and shop her etsy page!

(posted with love by Kathryn)


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