specialty coffee: the pursuit of deliciousness

A short film with an inside look into specialty coffee companies: LAMILL Coffee, Handsome Coffee, and Blue Bottle Coffee Co.”Watch and see how the taste, the look, the smell, the pour, the perfect cup and the traditional experience of coffee is created by some of the experts in the business.” Find more info on this short film here.

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passion and purpose


image via dearbuddha

At the heart of our matter as human beings, really the best thing of all is passion. Passion for another person, for a job, a cause, an idea, a place…. passion for a book when it’s good enough to light up the inside of your head. Perhaps that’s what IT is all about— our Purpose: trying to furnish your life with so many different kinds of passion that everywhere in it there is something that fills you to bursting and makes you want to tell the whole world about it.” – Jonathan Carroll

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writer’s advice

“Allow yourself to be uncertain, but don’t let your uncertainty turn to despair. It can be wonderful to write when you’re sad and full of the dark bouquet of doubt, but misery leads itself to silence and one must get out of bed every morning and prepare for the great celebration of one’s own imagination, even if it doesn’t happen that day.”

A letter from Dean Young to his aspiring-writer nephew

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