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The Coffee Table with Tara Blanchard

I recently received an email from a friend saying, “I loved your write up on Samantha this morning; I always enjoy hearing about all these artistic entrepreneurs!” That email was sent to me by someone equally inspiring and cool. So … Continue reading

The Coffee Table with Natalie Nicoles

We’re ringing in the new year with the lovely and super talented songbird from Upland, CA…

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Currently Brewing

I recently graduated college, so after 4 1/2 years of that I’m ready to stop channeling so much energy into schoolwork and get to be creative again. I’m very thankful for my education, but I love creating too much! The plan as of now is continue on with my band Branches and tour a few weeks here and there, and continue to perform all over with them! I am also going to start work on my solo project quite soon as well! I’ve got so many record ideas that I can’t hold in any longer! I’d love to do my solo stuff, then a collaboration CD with each song being a different person I’ve worked with over the years, and hopefully an album eventually where I re-arrange old hymns. I really dig old hymns, and recently Sufjan went way back to the 16th century and re-imagined some beautiful hymns for his new christmas album, and they are incredibly beautiful and haunting, and it made me want to do it even more. Other than that I’ve worked recently with a few close friends on some little projects such as Cigarette Barbiesworking with Shawn Morones, and I also am involved on and off in performing with Robert DelongSo rad that I get to work with my good friends!

Favorite Drink

I’m completely enamored with Intellegentsia Iced Latte’s. I know people give them a hard time because of the trendy factor, but honestly, the coffee is just the best coffee I’ve ever had, and i’ve had the privilige to go to a lot of coffee shops all over the country! I really dig the iced chai tea latte from starbucks though as well!

It’s the Little Things

  • Good food (generally accompanied by good conversation, company, and a tasty beer)
  • Beach bonfires
  • Great coffee shops

My Coffee Table


I’m not exactly sure where this coffee table came from. It’s a pretty neat chest and I actually didn’t care for it too much at first, but I’ve really grown to dig it! It was my mom’s and she is letting me use it for now I suppose!

I generally have these things out somewhere most of the time. Some of the time my coffee table, and sometimes at my desk or wherever I feel creative. Most of the time, I’m tinkling around with acoustic guitar or banjo, but it has been the banjo as of late. Trying to nail the proper technique of it down!

The paint brushes are sort of representative of the fact that I love crafts! I like to dabble in art and make little installations (if you could call them that, haha) in my little house. I am by no means a professional artist, but i really do have a special place in my heart for painting and drawing.

I LOVE candles. Probably too much. I just love warm ambience, especially because I travel so much, it’s nice to have a quiet warm place to come back to. I saw these wine bottle candles at my friend Andrew’s house in San Luis Obispo when we were on tour, and I loved it! So I made a few of my own.

I always have my mac computer with me. I wasn’t too fond of apple products before I actually got an apple product. I don’t know what I’d do without it now! I write (music and poetry mostly) on it, record on it, and love staying up to date with things via the interweb.

Words of Wisdom

Well, this is so tough to narrow it down! I really love these three so much, and seem to always come back to these.

“There are people who go after your humanity, sister. They tell you that the light in your heart is a weakness. Don’t believe it. It’s an old tactic of cruel people to kill kindness in the name of virtue. There’s nothing wrong with love.”-Doubt

“In God, whose word I praise, in God I trust; I will not be afraid. What can mortal man do to me?”-Psalm 56: 4

And finally, I firmly believe in the equality of men and women. I don’t hate men at all! And I don’t like to be associated with that type of feminism, but unfortunately I still see bits and pieces of inequality in the world between the sexes and it really hits me hard. Especially being a woman in the music industry!

“Woman’s God – given sphere is as wide as the earth’s circumference, as high as the firmament and as deep as the sea. Every foot of this globe has been deeded to her as much as to man.-Lee Anne Starr

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Happy Birthday to a creative legacy: Joni Mitchell

painter, musician, singer, composer, songwriter, poet, pioneer, risk-taker

Full of originality and spontaneity, Joni’s work stands the test of time and continues to inspire artists of all kinds.

Celebrate by listening to some of my hand-picked favorites:

All I Want (with lyrics right below the video)

A popular song to cover, most recently by James Blake, A Case of You. 

A wonderful documentary is available on Netflix titled Joni Mitchell: A Life Story-Woman of Heart and Mind.


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