The Coffee Table with Sharzad Kiadeh

Hi guys! Black Friday and Cyber Monday were crazy days– to help you ease out of the “sale high” We’re offering : read one interview, get an extra one free! Here’s an extra coffee table interview for you to enjoy and check in this Thursday for the regular scheduled post! We’re so thankful for our readers and contributors; never is there a shortage of creativity and inspiration!!! As I wipe the mascara off my cheek from this sentimental intro… please bat your lashes for founder and blogger of LuxLyfe:

Currently Brewing 

I try to have new projects constantly brewing. I love connecting with new people and brands and I continue to be excited about my on-going partnerships with Room77 and Burke Williams. In a perfect world I would have a webseries show where I travel the world and try exotic beauty treatments in other countries. Any producers out there listening?!

Favorite Drink

I’m actually not a coffee drinker. My drink of choice is sparkling water with lemon (totally boring, I know). If we’re talking booze (which is way more fun!) I love single varietal Pinot’s from the Russian River Valley and I’m currently obsessed with the Kari-Kari cocktail from Michaels in Santa Monica. (Kari-Kari is Japanese whiskey, Serrano chilis and cilantro)

It’s the Little Things

  • Being surrounded by smart, creative, driven, fun, happy, and healthy people. (ie my hubby, family, and friends!)
  • Living in California makes me VERY happy; always has, always will.
  • Doing what I love for a living. I feel extremely fortunate that I have the opportunity to go after my dreams every day.

My Coffee Table

My hubs had the coffee table custom made; he has way better taste in home decor than I do! We like to keep things simple and clean in our apartment, so there are only two things on our table: a beautiful globe, which was a gift from my in-laws, and a Romeo and Julietta limited edition Cigar humidor.

Words of Wisdom

I think being fearless and persistent are two things that have always worked for me. I have never been afraid to go after what I want and I always encourage others to chase after their dreams! Treat everyone with respect and smile!

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