The Coffee Table with Sophie Jaffe

This week’s coffee table guest might sound familiar as I’ve raved about her superfood powders in a previous HelloGiggles item of the day post. A wife, mother, and business owner, this lady is balancing it all. Please give a healthy hello to Los … Continue reading


National Coffee Day

…was yesterday. Take a second and think of how far those beans have come, from the farmers who laboriously grow the beans, the roasters who skillfully roast them, to the baristas who artfully brew the beans into the yummy beverage we all enjoy. THE BEST PART IS: There’s nothing stopping us from extending this holiday into a lifelong celebration. A few ways to celebrate: 

Currently Celebrating,



Caffeinated Buying Guide: Everything A College Student Needs To Brew Coffee

Back to School Time! (for some)


I’ve been using a french press for the past year- time to give the pour over a try! ♥ K

4 Reasons You Should Be Drinking Pour Over Coffee