The Coffee Table with Marissa A. Ross

On this fine day in December, I’d like to introduce a Los Angeles lady whose talents are as long as her hair! Ladies and Gentleman, personal assistant to hilarious actress Mindy Kaling, writer, actor, amateur wine taster, and music connoisseur:

coffee stain

Currently Brewing

We just wrapped production and are about to start editing the last four episodes of my web series, Tangents & The Times. I’m not one to usually be too boastful about my projects, but I genuinely believe it’s some of the best work I’ve ever done and I am beyond excited about it. Other than that, I’m just working on scripts and spending too much time on my too many Tumblrs.

Favorite Drink

It would have to be iced coffee with a touch of almond milk. Drinking good iced coffee makes me feel a thousand times smarter and more productive than anything else outside of the black market.

It’s the Little Things

Outside the obvious, like my loved ones and laughing until I cry, I would have to say:

  • The smell of wet grass
  • Palm Springs’ Alexander Homes
  • Cheese samples at Whole Foods

My Coffee Table

Coffee Table

My coffee table is always covered in hardbacks of my pool photography & my boyfriend’s graphic design books, stacks of artsy surf magazines, random editions of Sunset and Travel & Leisure, notebooks, and random scripts of mine. My boyfriend and I made homemade coasters; it’s neat because they’ve sort of documented our artistic inspirations over the years and a so-cute-it’s-almost-lame way to get crafty with him. The ones pictured are mine though. His are all of skaters and Native American art and I mean, who cares this is about meeeee!

coasters and magazines

My boyfriend and I bought our coffee table when we first moved in together, and it’s always felt a little out of place. But whatever, it’s covered in weed dust ninety percent of the time anyway and has a thousand water marks from the many sleepovers we’ve hosted with bands coming through Echo Park. You’d think with all our adorable coasters we wouldn’t have a problem, but people get to drinking and don’t think about coasters. Yet. One day we’ll grow up and everyone will be super into coasters.

Words of Wisdom

My personal mantra is, “Know the destination and life will present the path.”               …Most people think that it’s too new agey, so my back up is usually something along the lines of, “No one is going to believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself.”

Both have the same general sentiment–believe in yourself and believe in what you do.

Oh, one more for the road: “Don’t take yourself seriously, take what you do seriously.”

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The Coffee Table with Erin Tavin

When it comes to gift giving, nothing is better than a one-of-a-kind gem! That’s where Tavin Boutique in Echo Park, Los Angeles comes in. When you walk in the door you’ll find vintage as well as contemporary clothing, accessories, and home decor. Earlier this year, I interviewed the store’s owner ( also a buyer, stylist, and costumer) for My Top 5 on Smashbox Studios’ Yello blog. I realized…if this lovely lady’s coffee table is even half as cool as her store, we’re in for a treat. Take your coffee break with this week’s guest:

What’s Brewing 

THE HOLIDAYS AT TAVIN!!! We are filling the shop with lots of beautiful gifts and holiday clothing to delight everyone. I’m an east coaster and I grew up with ALOT of holiday influences: Central Park, Rockefeller Center, the store windows on Fifth Ave, etc. We have a big holiday party at the shop that’s fun and festive with lots of sparkle, joy and drink!

Favorite Drink

Stumptown coffee preferably at a fave outdoor cafe in Portland or a good hot chocolate with a little fresh whipped cream on a chilly day. I love cozy stuff; walking around with my drink while I shop for the store makes it all much cozier and sweet.

It’s The Little Things
  • reading by a fireplace
  • the wilds of Big Sur ( love Eselon hot baths there )
  • flea markets in Paris- oh what a lovely and heavenly day that is for me!
  • camping with my husband in amazing places!

                                                       My Coffee Table

Coffee Tableon the table: a To-Do list which is HUGE ! I pull out the clip board when the list gets too long. A Francesa Woodman book from her show, handmade houses book, and great spa and hot springs book.
coffee table

Some of my favorite novels: the Dud Avocado and Revenge of the Lawn— race to read the Dud Avocado its a major favorite of mine! I also have some rice hot cereal with berries, bananas,and maple syrup and a big cup of tea called “commune” from LA MILL.

Words of Wisdom

Follow that dream! There’s always a million and one reasons why NOT to follow it and usually it involves money… but whats money when it comes down to happiness and fulfillment right? TIME MOVES FAST SO FOLLOW THAT DREAM NOW!!! NOW NOW NOW!!!

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(posted with love by Kathryn)