The Coffee Table with Jill McKeever

When I came across the blog, For Strange Women, I knew I had to find out more about the woman behind the strangeness. This strange (and I mean that in the most complimentary way) woman runs a business of 100% natural artisan perfumes including a perfume infused with coffee…what?! Who are you? Where do you live? What’s on your coffee table?! And from Kansas City, MO, here is:

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Currently Brewing

I have been inspired to do more photo shoots recently, including one yesterday with my dear friend Leonor Jurado, shooting on medium format.  In the last couple months I have finally begun making limited edition perfumes and gift sets again, including a coffee perfume made with Broadway Cafe coffee brewed into the oil. This week I am finishing up a limited batch of Year of the Snake perfume to be launched for the Chinese New Year.  Also I have been traveling to film festivals with the documentary film I worked on with my boyfriend, Kevin McKinney, called Corporate.FM.

Favorite Drink
I quit drinking coffee 2 months ago, after a 5 year daily addiction! I do miss it but I don’t miss being dehydrated. I still drink tea all day long. My morning go-to is lapsang souchong, which I usually blend with chai or fir needles or cacao.

It’s the Little Things
  • every single thing my cat does
  • silence
  • beeswax

My Coffee Table




On my coffee table: a notebook for fabulous idea storage, a beeswax tealight I made in a quartz holder from the gem and mineral show, some lapsang souchong deliciousness mixed with douglas fir tip tea from Juniper Ridge, My laptop, my phone and a mini plant. I found this table (as well as all the rest of my furniture) for $35 on craigslist. It’s small but easy to move out of the way for living room dance parties.

Words of Wisdom
What looks like resistance is often a lack of clarity.

find out more about Jill in her Etsy interview and “career change” feature on

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My Top 5: The Macedo Twins

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(originially posted on Yello!)

You can never have too much of a good thing! When it comes to beautiful music, lyrics and vocals, twin sisters Michelle and Melissa Macedo (Mah-SAY-doh) are the real deal. Although raised in Pasadena,CA, Michelle and Melissa have a unique East Indian/European background, went to different colleges and abroad programs, and have now formed music layered with their personal experiences. Before forming their own band, Michelle recorded an album, La Luna, showcasing her ethereal sound reminiscent of Regina Spektor or Fiona Apple. The duo’s current album, Flags and Boxes, is available on iTunes. Michelle talked to us for a bit and when we asked what she loves to do when she’s not busy recording, she said she can be found on her Top 5 Online Shopping Sites: 

ModclothMy twin is upset that I found out about this even though she splurges too! Now I CANT STOP BUYING THINGS! Everything is so cute and each item has a really clever name to go with it. I love vintage inspired dresses and trinkets-I’m hooked.

One Kings LaneMost of the things we can only admire from afar but they have amazing furniture sales! There are some little treasures that are definitely worth the design inspiration.

Etsy — Crafty people go on this site and CREATE. Everything is individual and most likely hand made. We like that we know where it’s coming from and that we’re supporting local artisans.

Overstock— This is where we can actually get things we need like sheets and curtains. The prices are affordable and it’s all on sale!

FAB — This one just put me over the edge! FAB is very specialized and send emails to remind me of all the cute things they have. It’s different every day and it is made by individual designers and artists. It’s always a pleasant surprise.

Get inspired by the twins and their music right here:

♥ K

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


My idea of a perfect gift to give (or be given) is a blend of homemade with purchased items; a few meaningful things instead of one big box from the department store. And so- for this Mother’s Day- if you’re pressed for time, or simply not into DIY- support the handmade and unique goodies available at Etsy. 

If you’re in Los Angeles, Handmade Galleries  has eclectic treasures. One of my favorite necklaces is from this store- which has been around for 18 years! 

Ears don’t just want earrings, they want music! Make a motherhood themed mix cd: NPR compiled around 50 songs for this specific holiday.  

Feeling crafty? Try making Coffee Filter Flowers. Click here for a tutorial.


Last but not least: write your own card. Even if it’s just a few words or a heartfelt poem. At a loss for words? Quote a poem from The Poetry Foundation

Whatever you do, make it your own, make it personal.

Your mamabear’s heart will smile.  

♥ K