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The Coffee Table with Tara Blanchard

I recently received an email from a friend saying, “I loved your write up on Samantha this morning; I always enjoy hearing about all these artistic entrepreneurs!” That email was sent to me by someone equally inspiring and cool. So … Continue reading

The Coffee Table with Lauren Messiah

Happy post-holiday Thursday favorite blenders! Whether or not you’re looking to end the year in style or get inspired for a new look in 2013, get to know trained (by Stacy London) and certified (with a BFA in fashion design) personal fashion stylist:

coffee stain

lauren messiah

Currently Brewing

I’ve got a lot of things brewing right now! Between personal styling gigs for my Hollywood clients, keeping up with my blog, teaching classes at School of Style, and working as a style expert via brands partnerships … it’s hard to pick just one to dish on.

The most recent brew I have going is a partnership with Rimmel London. For this project I am styling eight unique looks that correspond with custom lip colors I created by blending their Stay Glossy lip glosses. It’s been really fun to be able to incorporate beauty and fashion into one big project. I have a couple of super cool projects coming up but for now they must remain top secret. Cue the maniacal laughter …

Favorite Drink

I am a sucker for hot mint green tea but also love gynostemma tea, which is said to be the healthiest tea in the world. It’s caffeine free but still manages to give me all the energy I need.

It’s the Little Things

  • Playing with my friend Miguel’s dogs, Lotus and Picasso
  • Watching Dexter and Breaking Bad even though it gives me bad dreams
  • Shopping. Sure it’s my job but I still count it as one of those little things

My Coffee Table


I have a bunch of little random tables around my house that act as my coffee table. They usually have books, magazines, a weird toy, and a candle on them. On my current “coffee table” I have fashion books from the fashion heroes that inspire me – Brad Goreski, Stacy London, Amanda Brooks, and Sasha Charnin Morris. I also have a View Master that was gifted to me at a press preview. Now if only I could find my old She-Ra and Fraggle Rock View Master slides …

The table is from Home Goods aka my favorite place to find home décor. I am a sucker for a bargain and treasure hunt – so it’s perfect. The table is also portable so I can move it by my bed or into my dressing room to set jewelry and accessories on it; I’m all about versatility.

Words of Wisdom

Hard work pays off!! If you want something bad enough, go get it, and don’t let anyone stop you.

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The Coffee Table with Aimee Bidlack

Joining us at The Coffee Table this lovely Thanksgiving day is San Francisco fashionista…

Currently Brewing

My day job consumes most of my time. I’m the Men’s Accessories Assistant Buyer for Banana Republic, which basically means I get to decide what fun, gentleman-ly items we’ll carry in our stores. I’m currently working on pulling inspiration for next years Holiday line, so that means pulling lots of tear sheets and perusing the internet for inspiration, all while listening to Christmas music, obviously. I love my job, so it often feels seamless when I’m working in or out of the office.

I try my best to update my personal blog, which I would (or rather, would not define) as I feel inspired. I ‘m also working on re-decorating my kitchen. I’m currently digging through Craigslist to find the perfect mid-century brass bookshelf to store cookbooks and bourbon.
 Favorite Drink
Black coffee. Always. I rarely consume overtly milky products. I’m lucky enough to live in San Francisco where the coffee culture is extremely prominent. Drip coffee’s from places like Four Barrel and Blue Bottle have such intricate layers of flavors, that I can’t imagine watering it down. On the very rare occasion, I might enjoy a dry Cappunccino. Otherwise, if I don’t consume a large, black coffee by 10am, I would recommend avoiding me at all costs.

It’s the Little Things

My Coffee Table

My coffee table is an old steam trunk I picked up at an estate sale in Oakland. I was coffee table-less for quite some time until I found this gem, and now I can’t quite imagine utilizing anything else.

Voluspa candle – I have this strange conception that lighting candles in my apartment makes me a better woman. Whenever I’m home, there’s usually a candle lit in every room.

Stack of fashion mags – This makes me feel pretty superficial, but I do subscribe to the majority of major fashion publications. My coffee table may or may not look like a doctor’s office. I am, however, very particular that the magazines must be from the current month. Archives get stored in my bedroom.

Hypebeast – Hypbebeast is this crazy cool men’s fashion publication. I have a friend (Jerry Buttles ) who shot the Maison Martin Margiela feature in this issue. Sick.

Words of Wisdom

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting” -The Alchemist

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Thanks for joining us this week!

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The Coffee Table with Falcon Griffith

Joining us this week on The Coffee Table is Brooklyn based photographer and Co-founder of fashion label Grove Lane:


Currently Brewing

My boyfriend and I are currently putting the final touches on our Spring/Summer ’12 collection of handmade skinny leather ties for Grove Lane; we’re fortunate to be able to source amazing buttery Italian leather and make the ties from our NYC studio. I’ve also been busy running my wedding photography business and am shooting photos of Indie/Rock band, City Walls Autumn Falls next week. All this multitasking surely makes me a true Gemini!

Favorite Drink

Cappuccino with almond milk! The smell of coffee has always been associated with my father’s morning ritual of preparing a cup of drip coffee in the same porcelain cream mug. I discovered the joy and buzzing benefits of coffee in my late teens, sadly introduced by a Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino–hey, a girl’s gotta start somewhere!—and later on can still recall my first Australian latte upon moving there nearly three years ago. Those Aussie’s sure take the art of coffee seriously! Since then I’ve made my own ritual and love experimenting with different brewing methods, most recently using a Bodum French Press.

It’s the Little Things

  • Vinyasa yoga
  • Bold red lipstick (I love MAC’s Ruby Woo)
  • Wine + homemade pizza movie night with my boyfriend

My Coffee Table

Coffee Table

My coffee table doubles up as my work desk/table. Savouring my morning cup of tea or
coffee here helps me settle into the day. The table was actually once my family’s dining table–my mother was a fantastic host and had a penchant for antiques. It’s since been passed down to me and I love being connected to its nostalgic history.

I found this Olivetti Valentine typewriter on ebay, designed by Ettore Sottass Jr. and doubling as a piece of pop art. I love reading about writer’s morning routines and the romanticism of typewriters. Like shooting film, it’s like every word counts, it really makes you think about what you really want to say.

 Oil painting is my first love, I rarely paint anymore which is a pity. My paintings are heavily influenced by René Magritte and surrealism. They tend to be a bit weird and dark, everyone who knows me is like “what the hell is going on in your head?!”

Words of Wisdom

“The secret is there is no secret. You just have to keep showing up.” – Tara Stiles

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Thanks for joining us and thanks to Falcon for sharing her table. See you next week!

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My Top 5: Erin Tavin of Tavin Boutique

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Screen shot 2012 05 21 at 11.11.46 AM My Top 5: Erin Tavin of Tavin Boutique x Culture Mix

If you’re craving a shopping experience that’s exactly that: an experience, look no further. Former clothing buyer, stylist, actress, and costumer Erin Tavin combined her love and knowledge of fashion, fantasy,and travel and opened her very own TAVIN BOUTIQUE in Echo Park back in 2009. Full of one-of-a-kind gems, the shop is a lovely blend of old and new, nostalgia and modern. Erin describes herself as having, “One foot in a world one hundred years ago and one foot in this world today, and somewhere in a circus tent I live as well.” As unique and interesting as the choices are in her store, Tavin shares her well-rounded “Top 5 Culture Mix”…

Getaway: Big Sur“Especially the hot springs at Essellon,my favorite place in California for total peace and a slice of heaven.”

Song: Suzanne but Leonard Cohen“It sounds old fashioned but I’m still hooked on Leonard Cohen’s song; it always makes me cry after thousands of times hearing it.”

Novel: Madame Bovary. ”One of my all time faves, it’s got everything you could want in a novel. I’m a HUGE reader so I also have to mention Flaubert’s Sentimental Education, it’s fantastic.”

Poem: “Leaves of Grass” by Walt Whitman. “A very beautiful poem that’s on my wall in my yurt/studio. Everyone should read it!” 

Designer: Comme des Garçons“I’m drawn to ethereal clothing. My shop, TAVIN, has a lot of romantic qualities.”

Get with Tavin for the hottest Summer 2012 fashion items:

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