The Coffee Table with Quigley

The Coffee Table series is now on HelloGiggles! Wahoo!
Today’s guest rocks a unique style, voice, and…coffee table! Inspired by her great grandfather’s surname, please give an electronic welcome to singer:


photo by Claire Cali

photo by Claire Cali

Currently Brewing

 My passion is producing electronic pop music, and for the past six months I have been producing my first record. I plan on releasing the record early next year, but in the mean time, I decided to have some fun! I’ve been in the studio producing my own music mash-ups; I take two songs, one classic and one current, and combine them to make one original tune! For example, my first release featured Color Me Badd’s ‘I Wanna Sex You Up’ and Taylor Swift’s ’22′. Stay tuned for the next one which is Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball’ and Meatloaf’s ‘I Would Do Anything For Love’ on SoundCloud and Oct. 16th on Youtube.

Favorite Drink

Hibiscus Iced Tea from Starbucks.

It’s the Little Things

  • Sunshine (I’m a vitamin D addict)
  • Dancing alone in my undies to pop music (Spice Girls….I’m a nineties bitch! I love it!)
  • The ice that comes in little baby sized pellets. I call it chewy ice. GIMME.

My Coffee Table

coffeetable 2

My coffee table is a trunk that I found at a Vintage Automobile swap meet in Long Beach for 20 bucks. Major steal!


Some of the items on the table: A vintage postcard of Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis, MN. If you look hard enough- you can see my heart sunbathing on the shoreline. No really, I left it there. Hashtag HOME. A sample of my sister’s artwork (I Think About You- card). She makes clever letterpress cards that you can buy at The Paper Source and on her website. Tickets to Purity Ring at the Fonda…a souvenir from a great show… plus we got to celebrate Corin’s birthday with him backstage! Life is good! I love to read and am currently going through an English historical fiction stage, so books about the Lancasters, Yorks, and Tudors are all up my alley. This is probably what inspired my mash-up of Lorde’s Royals… images of Anne Boleyn and Queen Elizabeth are swimming around in my head!

Words of Wisdom

Things don’t happen for a reason-but we make reason out of everything that happens -QUIGLEY


Stay in touch with Quigley on TwitterFacebookInstagram, and SoundCloud.

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Creative Christmas trees

Deck the halls with boughs of holly tra la la la la!

The halls or walls of your home may be sprinkled with holiday decor and paper snowflakes, but nothing says “it’s the most wonderful time of the year” than the Christmas tree.

I love how each tree tells a different story and reflects the unique personality of each home. While the traditional pine or fir tree may not be an option for you–due to lack of space, allergies, or personal taste–there are plenty of unconventional ways to bring a tree home and it doesn’t have to be in Charlie Brown fashion.

Here are few of my favorites that inspired me…

The book tree; don’t judge this tree by it’s cover.

The wall tree gives even the smallest home plenty of room to spread its’ branches.

Happy tree decorating season!

♥ Amanda

(image sources: 1. twigandthistle 2. omnivoracious 3. p-laces 4. aleggup)