specialty coffee: the pursuit of deliciousness

A short film with an inside look into specialty coffee companies: LAMILL Coffee, Handsome Coffee, and Blue Bottle Coffee Co.”Watch and see how the taste, the look, the smell, the pour, the perfect cup and the traditional experience of coffee is created by some of the experts in the business.” Find more info on this short film here.

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Happy Winter Solstice!

Instead of this being the “last day of the world”, I knew I could count on the Winter Solstice for a reason to celebrate the season! After today, the days become gradually longer as the sun grows stronger in the … Continue reading

Art & Espresso are Important

While reading about the history of the espresso machine on the Smithsonian website’s design series, Design Decoded, I was reminded of how necessary art is. Art is not a selfish endeavor, it’s more like the glue that keeps things together. Of course, the world couldn’t operate without science and technology, but art, talent, and unique style are just as important. This sentence (see below) has been made into art itself; I’ve seen it spray painted outdoors and for purchase as a framed poster:

The “earth” without “art” is just “eh”

Hard to argue with that. A wonderful thing about living on this earth? Espresso.

A common misconception about espresso is that it’s a certain kind of bean or roasting method. However, espresso can be made from the same coffee beans that go into a regular drip coffee machine. What makes it espresso is the grind of the bean as well as the preparation, and by preparation I mean:

The Espresso Machine!

Victoria Arduino Poster

“But as with the finest objects of design, science and technology is not enough. There is an art to the espresso as well. The talent of the barista is as important as the quality of the beans and the efficiency of the machine. Indeed, it is said that a good espresso depends on the four M’sMacchina, the espresso machine; Macinazione, the proper grinding of a beans –a uniform grind between fine and powdery– which is ideally done moments brewing the drink; Miscela, the coffee blend and the roast, and Mano is the skilled hand of the barista, because even with the finest beans and the most advanced equipment, the shot depends on the touch and style of the barista. When combined properly, these four Ms yield a drink that is at once bold and elegant, with a light, sweet foam crema floating over the coffee. A complex drink with a complex history.”