The Coffee Table with Tristen Glaab

While walking around at Artisanal LA this past October, we came across a rustic and cozy display (see photo at end of post) of custom furniture. A few seconds into talking with the owners of the company, we could tell they were … Continue reading

The Coffee Table with Sophie Jaffe

This week’s coffee table guest might sound familiar as I’ve raved about her superfood powders in a previous HelloGiggles item of the day post. A wife, mother, and business owner, this lady is balancing it all. Please give a healthy hello to Los … Continue reading

The Coffee Table with Jill McKeever

When I came across the blog, For Strange Women, I knew I had to find out more about the woman behind the strangeness. This strange (and I mean that in the most complimentary way) woman runs a business of 100% natural artisan perfumes including a perfume infused with coffee…what?! Who are you? Where do you live? What’s on your coffee table?! And from Kansas City, MO, here is:

stock-photo-56976-coffee-stain copy 13


Currently Brewing

I have been inspired to do more photo shoots recently, including one yesterday with my dear friend Leonor Jurado, shooting on medium format.  In the last couple months I have finally begun making limited edition perfumes and gift sets again, including a coffee perfume made with Broadway Cafe coffee brewed into the oil. This week I am finishing up a limited batch of Year of the Snake perfume to be launched for the Chinese New Year.  Also I have been traveling to film festivals with the documentary film I worked on with my boyfriend, Kevin McKinney, called Corporate.FM.

Favorite Drink
I quit drinking coffee 2 months ago, after a 5 year daily addiction! I do miss it but I don’t miss being dehydrated. I still drink tea all day long. My morning go-to is lapsang souchong, which I usually blend with chai or fir needles or cacao.

It’s the Little Things
  • every single thing my cat does
  • silence
  • beeswax

My Coffee Table




On my coffee table: a notebook for fabulous idea storage, a beeswax tealight I made in a quartz holder from the gem and mineral show, some lapsang souchong deliciousness mixed with douglas fir tip tea from Juniper Ridge, My laptop, my phone and a mini plant. I found this table (as well as all the rest of my furniture) for $35 on craigslist. It’s small but easy to move out of the way for living room dance parties.

Words of Wisdom
What looks like resistance is often a lack of clarity.

find out more about Jill in her Etsy interview and “career change” feature on

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The Coffee Table with Tara Blanchard

I recently received an email from a friend saying, “I loved your write up on Samantha this morning; I always enjoy hearing about all these artistic entrepreneurs!” That email was sent to me by someone equally inspiring and cool. So … Continue reading

The Coffee Table with Lauren Messiah

Happy post-holiday Thursday favorite blenders! Whether or not you’re looking to end the year in style or get inspired for a new look in 2013, get to know trained (by Stacy London) and certified (with a BFA in fashion design) personal fashion stylist:

coffee stain

lauren messiah

Currently Brewing

I’ve got a lot of things brewing right now! Between personal styling gigs for my Hollywood clients, keeping up with my blog, teaching classes at School of Style, and working as a style expert via brands partnerships … it’s hard to pick just one to dish on.

The most recent brew I have going is a partnership with Rimmel London. For this project I am styling eight unique looks that correspond with custom lip colors I created by blending their Stay Glossy lip glosses. It’s been really fun to be able to incorporate beauty and fashion into one big project. I have a couple of super cool projects coming up but for now they must remain top secret. Cue the maniacal laughter …

Favorite Drink

I am a sucker for hot mint green tea but also love gynostemma tea, which is said to be the healthiest tea in the world. It’s caffeine free but still manages to give me all the energy I need.

It’s the Little Things

  • Playing with my friend Miguel’s dogs, Lotus and Picasso
  • Watching Dexter and Breaking Bad even though it gives me bad dreams
  • Shopping. Sure it’s my job but I still count it as one of those little things

My Coffee Table


I have a bunch of little random tables around my house that act as my coffee table. They usually have books, magazines, a weird toy, and a candle on them. On my current “coffee table” I have fashion books from the fashion heroes that inspire me – Brad Goreski, Stacy London, Amanda Brooks, and Sasha Charnin Morris. I also have a View Master that was gifted to me at a press preview. Now if only I could find my old She-Ra and Fraggle Rock View Master slides …

The table is from Home Goods aka my favorite place to find home décor. I am a sucker for a bargain and treasure hunt – so it’s perfect. The table is also portable so I can move it by my bed or into my dressing room to set jewelry and accessories on it; I’m all about versatility.

Words of Wisdom

Hard work pays off!! If you want something bad enough, go get it, and don’t let anyone stop you.

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The Coffee Table with Erin Tavin

When it comes to gift giving, nothing is better than a one-of-a-kind gem! That’s where Tavin Boutique in Echo Park, Los Angeles comes in. When you walk in the door you’ll find vintage as well as contemporary clothing, accessories, and home decor. Earlier this year, I interviewed the store’s owner ( also a buyer, stylist, and costumer) for My Top 5 on Smashbox Studios’ Yello blog. I realized…if this lovely lady’s coffee table is even half as cool as her store, we’re in for a treat. Take your coffee break with this week’s guest:

What’s Brewing 

THE HOLIDAYS AT TAVIN!!! We are filling the shop with lots of beautiful gifts and holiday clothing to delight everyone. I’m an east coaster and I grew up with ALOT of holiday influences: Central Park, Rockefeller Center, the store windows on Fifth Ave, etc. We have a big holiday party at the shop that’s fun and festive with lots of sparkle, joy and drink!

Favorite Drink

Stumptown coffee preferably at a fave outdoor cafe in Portland or a good hot chocolate with a little fresh whipped cream on a chilly day. I love cozy stuff; walking around with my drink while I shop for the store makes it all much cozier and sweet.

It’s The Little Things
  • reading by a fireplace
  • the wilds of Big Sur ( love Eselon hot baths there )
  • flea markets in Paris- oh what a lovely and heavenly day that is for me!
  • camping with my husband in amazing places!

                                                       My Coffee Table

Coffee Tableon the table: a To-Do list which is HUGE ! I pull out the clip board when the list gets too long. A Francesa Woodman book from her show, handmade houses book, and great spa and hot springs book.
coffee table

Some of my favorite novels: the Dud Avocado and Revenge of the Lawn— race to read the Dud Avocado its a major favorite of mine! I also have some rice hot cereal with berries, bananas,and maple syrup and a big cup of tea called “commune” from LA MILL.

Words of Wisdom

Follow that dream! There’s always a million and one reasons why NOT to follow it and usually it involves money… but whats money when it comes down to happiness and fulfillment right? TIME MOVES FAST SO FOLLOW THAT DREAM NOW!!! NOW NOW NOW!!!

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The Coffee Table with Marissa Maharaj

Welcome to The Coffee Table interview series! Have a seat, grab a drink, and meet Los Angeles based musician & lifestyle/wedding photographer:

Marissa Maharaj

Currently Brewing

 I’m currently working on a second album and I’m really excited for the challenge and growth that round two will bring! Last year I released my first EP, Letters, which was something I’d been working on for a while and finally worked up the courage to orchestrate. I had the privilege of teaming up with a few companies like ModCloth and Element, who used some of my songs for their videos and promos; I was blown away by the kind support of the incredible artist community in Seattle (where I was living at the time).

Favorite Drink

I’m all about the brewed coffee. Having lived in Seattle for over four years, you’d think I’d be a bit picky about my coffee, but given a blind taste test I’d probably choose diner coffee every time. No cream, no sugar, just give me a jug and I’ll be on my way.

It’s the Little Things

  • Snail mail. Which I never get, except from Bank of America, and those guys hardly ever write in cursive.
  • Taco Trucks. You can find them everywhere in LA. They’re pretty much like Santa on wheels, if Santa hung out in the Vons parking lot after 9pm and mastered the art of the perfect mulita.
  • When I do laundry and all my clothes don’t come out pink. (Happens more than I care to say.)

My Coffee Table

Succulents. We love succulents in this house! This does not mean that we can keep them alive. Do not be mislead.

Coffee Table

Magazines. My roomie Emma works with Kinfolk on occasion, and I love pouring over the pages as soon as we get a new issue.

Instax & Old Photos. Some instax from my trip to Paris this summer and old photos I found at the Long Beach Flea Market.

The table: My roommate Emma and I were out brunching when we ran into Casa Victoria, a tiny little furniture shop where we found the leather couch of our dreams. The owner, Robert, graciously offered to move it to our apartment, and when he arrived he had a coffee table for us as well! (He probably did some guess work and figured we were newbies who still ate on the floor.) We didn’t end up buying an actual dining table for another few months, so that coffee table hosted meals, office work, and actually one smallish dinner party. Needless to say, we wrote Casa Victoria a sizeable review on Yelp.

Words of Wisdom

My mother has more wisdom than anyone I’ve ever met- everything she
says could go on a tea bag. One of my favorites (besides “it can be fixed with a snack”) is:

two hours at a time

I can get overwhelmed in the midst of running my photography business, traveling, freelancing, and dreaming up new projects, and my mothers wise words always come back to me: “Two hours at a time- take life two hours at a time. Don’t focus on what you have to do this year, this week, or even for the rest of the day-just focus on the next two hours”. I don’t know if that would fit on a tea bag, but someone should certainly try.

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My Top 5: Erin Haslag of WELL in L.A.

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