The Coffee Table with Tristen Glaab

While walking around at Artisanal LA this past October, we came across a rustic and cozy display (see photo at end of post) of custom furniture. A few seconds into talking with the owners of the company, we could tell they were … Continue reading

The Coffee Table with The Weaver House

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and it’s time to meet the most wonderful twin sisters from their very own winter wonderland Portland, OR…



What’s Brewing 

We’ve been wrapping up edits from summer weddings, as well as a neighborhoods project we photographed In Barcelona & Portland for Airbnb. Next up are some exciting new web design projects for a florist, an upholsterer, a fashion blogger and a charcoal artist. We’re also catching up on curating new items for our vintage & handmade shop in time for the holidays!

Favorite Drink

We spent our youth with family in Barcelona, first sipping ‘cortados’: a mighty shot of espresso in a sweet little shot glass. These days, we love our local coffee nooks (Ristretto RoastersStumptownCoava) for their no-fuss drip coffees, which we enjoy with just a bit o’ cream (and some cinnamon or nutmeg around the holidays!). Sometimes we’ll get fancy and order an Americano.

It’s The Little Things

  • Autumn in Portland. The smells, the colors and the energy in the air leading up the holidays is electric!
  • Going to the movies. Nothing beats sharing popcorn and a pint at our little indie theater.
  • Our menfolk & our mutts. Hannah has two min pins, Kelty has two large bully mixes, and we both have tall, bearded husbands. 

 Our Coffee Tables

1. Hannah- I stumbled upon my coffee table at Sabi & Friends, a local vintage shop in North Portland. It’s from the 50s, and I like that the heavy metal top is removable, and the legs fold up for easy stowing.  We keep a candle and a few magazines on it, but tend to leave it rather minimal, as we don’t own a dining table!  For meals or drinks we tend to gather around it, sitting on big pillows or perching on the end of the couch. It’s communal medallion, of sorts.
2. Kelty- We have a large living room that we use for all sorts of activities and purposes, so getting a coffee table with wheels was a must. We found our current coffee table at World Market, and love how simple it is. Bottom shelf, simple metal, sleek wood, wheels, boom. All sorts of books tend to get stacked on there, not to mention plants and candles… it’s typically a mess, but what can you do?  :)
Words of Wisdom
Our mom is a painter, and her motto when we were growing up was “Do Whatever Works”. We’re both Type A gals, so this phrase reminds us to loosen up and take projects as they are; opportunities for some amazing adventures in creativity.  :)
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(posted with love by Amanda)