The Coffee Table with Sophie Jaffe

This week’s coffee table guest might sound familiar as I’ve raved about her superfood powders in a previous HelloGiggles item of the day post. A wife, mother, and business owner, this lady is balancing it all. Please give a healthy hello to Los … Continue reading

The Coffee Table with Falcon Griffith

Joining us this week on The Coffee Table is Brooklyn based photographer and Co-founder of fashion label Grove Lane:


Currently Brewing

My boyfriend and I are currently putting the final touches on our Spring/Summer ’12 collection of handmade skinny leather ties for Grove Lane; we’re fortunate to be able to source amazing buttery Italian leather and make the ties from our NYC studio. I’ve also been busy running my wedding photography business and am shooting photos of Indie/Rock band, City Walls Autumn Falls next week. All this multitasking surely makes me a true Gemini!

Favorite Drink

Cappuccino with almond milk! The smell of coffee has always been associated with my father’s morning ritual of preparing a cup of drip coffee in the same porcelain cream mug. I discovered the joy and buzzing benefits of coffee in my late teens, sadly introduced by a Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino–hey, a girl’s gotta start somewhere!—and later on can still recall my first Australian latte upon moving there nearly three years ago. Those Aussie’s sure take the art of coffee seriously! Since then I’ve made my own ritual and love experimenting with different brewing methods, most recently using a Bodum French Press.

It’s the Little Things

  • Vinyasa yoga
  • Bold red lipstick (I love MAC’s Ruby Woo)
  • Wine + homemade pizza movie night with my boyfriend

My Coffee Table

Coffee Table

My coffee table doubles up as my work desk/table. Savouring my morning cup of tea or
coffee here helps me settle into the day. The table was actually once my family’s dining table–my mother was a fantastic host and had a penchant for antiques. It’s since been passed down to me and I love being connected to its nostalgic history.

I found this Olivetti Valentine typewriter on ebay, designed by Ettore Sottass Jr. and doubling as a piece of pop art. I love reading about writer’s morning routines and the romanticism of typewriters. Like shooting film, it’s like every word counts, it really makes you think about what you really want to say.

 Oil painting is my first love, I rarely paint anymore which is a pity. My paintings are heavily influenced by René Magritte and surrealism. They tend to be a bit weird and dark, everyone who knows me is like “what the hell is going on in your head?!”

Words of Wisdom

“The secret is there is no secret. You just have to keep showing up.” – Tara Stiles

Follow Falcon, like her page, check out her Instagram: @_falcongriffith_

Thanks for joining us and thanks to Falcon for sharing her table. See you next week!

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